Heroes & Empires Partner with Idle Cyber

Update Nov 1st

We are excited to announce our partner with Idle Cyber. Idle Cyber has been following the P2E model for a long time, to create entertainment products that are valuable in terms of humanity and finance (at NFT Game).

NFTs will play a big part in the games on the Metaverse platform. In-game NFT’s will give you more control over your characters and make gameplay more tangible. You can trade these tokens on our cryptocurrency exchange or upgrade them in the game system to make better profits through DeFi features.

Form your team with the right skills, deploy them at the right time to defend your base and win tokens and valuable NFT assets.

“Through this partnership, we will work closely with Idle Cyber to both help grow our projects and players in the Metaverse Gaming World.”,

said Quyet Huynh, CEO & Co-founder of Heroes & Empires.

About Idle Cyber

Idle Cyber ​​is an RPG and Idle Frontier-Defense NFT game with the engaging game structure and social features of the Play-to-Earn model. Idle Cyber ​​will provide players with a world of unlimited experience, PvP mode, and RPG hero collection combined with blockchain technology.

About Heroes & Empires

About Heroes & Empires Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess, connected with blockchain technology. By taking advantage of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) characteristic to create characters and items and Play-2-Earn elements, players will be able to earn a steady income through DeFi integrations while having fun with many gaming features.

The economy of Heroes & Empires is different from the economy of existing GameFi (a 2-tokens model). while Heroes & Empires focuses on NFT assets, including Hero NFTs, Gear NFTs, and Land NFTs. Heroes & Empire’s Economy is designed to be a closed-loop, with HE token as the main gear in this economy. Players will use HE to earn NFT Assets.