Heroes & Empires and Starpunk Partner to Develop a Full-Scale NFT Marketplace

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Starpunk, a gamefi accelerator platform that aims to be an upgrade of Steam on Blockchain.

Through this partnership, the Starpunk team will assist in developing auction mechanics and other essential functions required in a NFT marketplace, through which Heroes & Empires can leverage to organize a Game Asset Offering and NFT trading market. Heroes of Empires will also be the first gamefi project to launch on Starpunk after a series of selection rounds based on graphics, gameplay, ingame economy, etc.

The opportunity comes as the NFT game market moves into a new phase of growth, in which the NFT games with high quality will continue to dominate and have strong valuations. Additionally, as the user base expands, the volume of NFT transactions will skyrocket, thus a smooth, high-performance NFT Marketplace is required.

“The Startpunk team is developing an amazing user experience and innovative marketplace for their clients, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with them. I am delighted to be working with Starpunk to develop a marketplace that meets our requirements for performance, full functionality, and makes Heroes & Empires the first NFT game with a complete Play-to-Earn ecosystem when released.”, said Quyet Huynh — CEO at Heroes & Empires.

Tentative UI for GAO

With the assistance from Starpunk, Heroes & Empires is able to accelerate the NFT sale event. Specifically, in September 2021, 1,500–3,000 genesis boxes will be listed for sale in the first Game Asset Offering. And in early Q4/2021, H&E’s NFT Marketplace will be released for users to start buying and selling NFT heroes, and other ingame items.

“Heroes & Empires is an RPG genre game, a deep strategy game that combines the special elements of Idle RPG and auto-chess strategy. It’s one of rare NFT games with top notch 3D graphics, exciting gameplay with attractive P2E mechanism,” said Quang Nguyen, CEO at Starpunk. “We will do all we can to support H&E by leveraging our community, technology and resources.”

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About Starpunk

Starpunk aims to become an upgrade of Steam on Blockchain that offers fundraising service, DeFi integration, marketplace building & gamefi promotion. The platform gives the community an access to a variety of Play-to-Earn mechanics from various gamefi projects, as well as community voting rights to improve ingame features on their own.

Starpunk is a blockchain game hub for NFT trading, allowing the project to create its own NFT Marketplace to reach players without intermediaries.

For more information about Starpunk, please visit starpunk.io

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