Heroes & Empires Partner With SupraOracles

The Heroes & Empires team is very proud to announce our strategic partnership with SupraOracles. SupraOracles is a powerful cross-chain oracle that helps businesses bridge real-world data to both public and private chains, enabling interoperable smart contracts to automate, simplify and secure the future of financial markets.

Through the partnership, we can access a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to ensure a fair and verifiable reward distribution. Ultimately this creates a more exciting, transparent, and fraud-proof user experience, that allows users to interact with the gameplay systems in a trusted way.

In the other way, SupraOracles provides an oracle solution with high performance. Heroes & Empires will apply the oracle solution as follows:

  • Summoning Heroes: Using oracle to get price feed for HE/USDT

  • Upgrading Heroes: Using oracle to get HE/USDT price and get Heroes information from a database via API to upgrade Heroes in contract

  • MarketPlace: Using oracle to get HE/USDT price, paying in HE with fixed price in BUSD

  • Defi: supporting our Defi features such as staking, lending/borrowing, NFT collateral.

“We chose SupraOracles as a strategic partner to upgrade and expand the NFT Games ecosystem. In terms of technology, SupraOracles provides Oracle solutions with high performance, providing 3–5 seconds data feed; this is an impressive performance compared to the current Oracle providers. This will help to avoid the risk that current DeFi platforms face such as Flash Loan.

In terms of scaling, SupraOracles is an Oracle layer-1 platform that supports multichains, which gives H&E many options in side chain expansion.”

Quyet Huynh — Founder & CEO of Heroes & Empires, said.

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is the flagship project by the Entropy Foundation. This Swiss-based (CHE.383.364.961) entity is bringing SupraOracles’ multi-helix ledger and DeFi applications to developers globally. This unit is uniquely positioned with PhDs and professionals with extensive experience in cryptography, enterprise integrations, IoT solutions, DeFi primitives, innovative consensus modeling, randomness research, and oracle research culminating in decades of product development and coding experience.

About Heroes & Empires

Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess, connected with blockchain technology. By taking advantage of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) characteristic to create characters and items and Play-2-Earn elements, players will be able to earn a steady income through DeFi integrations while having fun with many gaming features.

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