Heroes & Empires Token ($HE) listing on PancakeSwap and Gate Exchange

Heroes & Empires is proud to announce that our $HE token will be listed on PancakeSwap and Gate Exchange at 12:00 UTC, October 11th. We would like to express our appreciation to all of you for the support and patience. This is an important milestone for Heroes & Empires and hope you will join us in the exciting adventure ahead.

(1)Gate Exchange Trading:

PancakeSwap Trading:

HE Token

  • Name: Heroes & Empires

  • Symbol: HE

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HE

  • Initial Circulating: 80,050,000 HE

  • Price: $0.01/HE

  • Initial Cap: $800,500

  • Full Diluted Val: $10,000,000

  • Use: Governance & Rewards

👉👉👉Contract Address (BSC — Binance Smart Chain): 0x20d39a5130f799b95b55a930e5b7ebc589ea9ed8

Beware of Scams

There will be multiple fake tokens imitating $HE on various platforms. Do NOT attempt to buy $HE before an official announcement is made on our channels listed below. Please beware and don’t search or buy $HE before the official listing.

Furthermore, please read this article carefully to ensure you’re transacting with the official $HE contract and take some time to get familiar with our schedule. Also double-check the contract address on our official channels.

P.S. We are listed on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, you can follow them:

About Heroes & Empires

Heroes & Empires is a Play-2-Earn strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess, connected with blockchain technology. The game is developed by Imba Games & CryptoViet Labs on the Unity engine with modern gameplay, blockchain integrated and high-end graphics, separating it from the rest. Heroes & Empires will be compatible on both PC and mobile to bring the best experience to players.

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