How to Purchase Genesis Rare Chests on the 1st GAO

Update October 25th, 2021

Heroes & Empires is excited to announce our the 1st GAO (Game Asset Offering) event.

Genesis Rare Chest Details

  • Official GAO - Whitelist: 3,330 (Guilds, Testers of Testnet for Partners, ... )

  • Official GAO - FCFS: 4,000

  • Starpunk: 2,000 (Starpunk will announce soon)

  • Leaderboard (Testers): 2,000 ( 1,000 leaderboards after the end of the Testnet for Community)

  • Marketing - Reserve: 670 (as incentive rewards, airdrops and a backup for partners who really contribute to Heroes & Empires)

In this event, there is a certain ratio of heroes' race when opening Genesis Rare Chests. Each Chest will randomly unlock 5 different Heroes with a rarity of 100% Rare, the ratio of race is 18.5% for Human, Beast, Elf, Goblin, Undead (each) and 2.5% for Demon, God, Naga (each).

There will be 43 heroes with a rarity of Rare appearing including: Pigrider; Lynn; Lionidas; Zak; Nekrosius; Neptune; Tidus; Midu; Jeatah; Odin; Durin; Elisa; Gumiho; Ruvina; Tomee; Balerion; Dusk; Kha; Rafiki; Seth; Ragnuk; Leoric; Bomber; Akyla; Finn; Kaiser; Golemus; Traqui; Tolan; Dinger; Timble; ClockCrank; Succubus; Faegon; Jubaba; Spectune; Vy; Victor; Tusk; Chiron; Diggy; Wukong and Bertha. --> Read more

The 1st GAO Event

  • Total Supply: 7,330 Genesis Rare Chests

  • Allocation: Up to 10 Genesis Rare Chests / Wallet

  • Number of heroes in a Chest: 5

  • Rarity of Heroes: Rare

  • Payment: Heroes & Empires Token (HE)

  • Price: 240 HE / Genesis Rare Chest ($99)

  • Where to buy: Heroes & Empires's Marketplace

There will be 2 rounds on this event:

1st Round: For Whitelist

  • Quantity: 2,330 Genesis Rare Chests (+ 1,000 Genesis Rare Chests for Guilds)

  • Time: 1:00 pm (UTC), Oct 26th — 1:00 am (UTC), Oct 27th

  • The list --> whitelist

  • There are 233 whitelisted wallet addresses, 1 wallet address can buy up to 10 chests, so there will be 233 * 10 = 2,330 Chests in round 1 of the GAO event. Chests are not sold out in 1st Round will be transferred to the 2nd Round.

  • Limit: 10 Chests/Wallet

  • Where to buy:

2nd Round: First come, first serve (FCFS)

  • Quantity: 4,000 Genesis Rare Chests

  • Time: 1:00 pm (UTC), Oct 27th — 1:00 pm (UTC), Oct 28th

  • Wallet addresses used to participate in round 1 can also participate in round 2.

  • Limit: 10 Chests/Wallet

  • Where to buy:

* Those who have successfully purchased Genesis Rare Chests can sell them on the marketplace after the event ends or wait for the game to launch to play.

How to Purchase Genesis Rare Chests

Users can purchase Genesis Rare Chests step by step as following:

Step 1: Get BNB and HE Token on Binance Smart Chain

Noted: Genesis Rare Chests cost xx HE for each. Users have to prepare at least 240 HE to purchase a Genesis Rare Chest and some BNB to pay gas fee.

Step 2: Send BNB and HE to your Metamask Wallet

  • Keep in mind that Metamask defaults to the Ethereum blockchain. You have to switch Metamask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  • Simply click Ethereum Mainnet at the top of the MetaMask interface to trigger the drop-down and switch your network.

  • Send your BNB and HE from exchanges with BSC Network to your wallet address.

Step 3: Connect your Metamask Wallet to Heroes & Empires's Marketplace

  • Go to market and connect your wallet and click “Package” to access the GAO event.

Step 4: Confirm your transaction to purchase Genesis Rare Chests

  • For 1st Round (whitelist): you enter the amount of Genesis Rare Chests you want to buy and click the “Buy Now" button. As soon as you click the “Buy Now" button, your MetaMask wallet will pop up and ask you to confirm the gas fee you’re willing to pay. Click the “Confirm" button to complete the purchase.

  • For 2nd Round (First come, first serve): Users click the “Buy Now" button in the Package interface to purchase a Genesis Rare Chest. As soon as you click the “Buy Now" button, your MetaMask wallet will pop up and ask you to confirm the gas fee you’re willing to pay. Click the “Confirm" button to complete the purchase. You can repeat this again if you want to purchase more.

Your Genesis Rare Chests will appear in your wallet shortly.

About Heroes & Empires

Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess, connected with blockchain technology. By taking advantage of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) characteristic to create characters and items and Play-2-Earn elements, players will be able to earn a steady income through DeFi integrations while having fun with many gaming features.

The economy of Heroes & Empires is different from the other economy of the current NFT GameFi ((there are 2 tokens), whereas H&E focuses on NFT assets, including Hero NFTs, Gear NFTs, and Land NFTs. Heroes & Empires’s Economy is designed to be a closed loop, with HE token as the main gear in this economy. Players will use HE to earn NFT Assets.