Official Game Release of Heroes & Empires

Update 18th Nov

Heroes & Empires is pleased to announce the official launch of the game's Mainnet. With Heroes & Empires, anyone can now play games, have fun, and earn Rewards.

Following the Testnets "TESTNET FOR COMMUNITY", "TESTNET FOR PARTNER", and "TESTNET FOR CORE TEAM", the Mainnet event of Heroes & Empires is an extremely important milestone in the project's development roadmap. The Heroes & Empires team appreciates, acknowledges, and thanks everyone who participated in the Testnets for their contributions and feedback on game bugs. The Heroes & Empires development team has worked hard to perfect the game as a result of your feedback and contributions.

  • Official Game Release date: 9:00 AM (UTC), Nov 20th, 2021

To participate in the game, players must have access to:

Features that will be available on Game

Get Rewards

What is the best way to get rewards?

Players in Heroes & Empires pay attention to Game Modes in order to earn HE Tokens. However, HE Token is not a reward that should be prioritized; it is intended to serve as a source of energy for the player in order for them to earn Hero NFTs. Players who sell their Hero NFTs on the market can earn massive rewards.

Players will collect HE Tokens, Cards, Scrolls, and Shards through Daily Quest, Weekly Quest, and Progress Quest to mint high-value Hero NFTs. Players can also collect valuable Gears to boost the power of Heroes (in the next update, they will be minted into Gear NFTs and can be bought/sold).

Hero NFTs can be obtained by amassing Rare Shards, Epic Shards, Summons, and Cards.

The value of Hero NFTs will become scarcer over time as a result of the Ascend Hero mechanism. NFT asset value will always rise.

Furthermore, if you win a lot of PvP battles and make it to the Top LeaderBoard, you will receive a fantastic reward through the reward system: Daily Reward, Season Reward.

  • Daily Quest: reset at 00:00 (UTC).

  • Weekly Quest

  • Progress

Game Modes

Game Modes for PvE

  • Campaign: The campaign section gets 20 turns per day.

  • Dungeon Trials: 3 floors, each with 10 landmarks, with a different reward after each landmark, reset after 48 hours.

PvP Game Modes

Arena mode is now Non-Realtime, requiring players to form initial formations and fight battles while offline.

The Heroes Empires team will release the next version of Arena: Real-Time, where the 2 teams must participate in the battle in real-time, to increase drama and cause engagement in combat (ie both sides are online).

  • Friendly Battle: The Friendly Battle section is free to play, but there are no rewards or losses.


  • Claim HE: Transfer HE from game to wallet without confirming the blockchain contract. After 1 week, you can claim HE Token again.

  • Deposit HE: After confirming the blockchain contract, transfer HE from your wallet to the game. The daily limit for HE is 5,000 HE. This solution will assist players in limiting non-essential interactions between the game and the blockchain, with no transaction fee.


  • Chat: Chat with other users on Global, Channel, or Clan servers, or chat privately with users.

  • Friend: Show the list of friends, and make new friends.

  • Friendly Referral: Send a link to invite other users to receive rewards.

  • Social Clan: Display Clan information and Member List 

  • Clan Member Battle: The Clan Members Battle part is free to fight, but you will not receive any reward or lose anything.

  • Clan Hunt: Gaia Guardian (King of Light) will take 2 hits; the more damage it deals, the more rewards it receives, and the rarer it becomes. Abyssal Queen (Queen of Darkness) must use Clan Activity Points that are opened by Master and Deputy and have 2 damage hits; the more damage she deals with, the higher the reward and rarity. Every day, the Abyssal Queen (Queen of Darkness) will be forced to open.


  • Hero: Display the hero that the user owns.

  • Hero Leveling: Raise the hero's level.

  • Synergy: Show Class and Race when combining heroes in Class and Race will have their own combos

  • Formation: Display the previously saved formation and save the desired formation.

  • Commander: Shows the hero's features.

  • Ascend Hero: Hero's current tier will limit the maximum Level allowed to upgrade; players must upgrade Tier for Hero to open the Level limit higher, and ascending hero also helps hero increase stats.

  • Reset Hero: This allows the player to convert their upgraded Hero back to a level 1 Hero while keeping the current Tier. After a reset, you will receive all Level Upgrade Resources (except HE, which will not be refunded) and Gear; however, you can only reset one hero at a time. Only upgraded heroes can perform the reset.

  • Summon Hero: Just like in the military, players can increase the number of their heroes by summoning heroes.

  • Union Blessing: The system will select the 5 highest level heroes for Union Blessing. The system continues to select the hero with the lowest level of the 5 heroes so that when you put another hero in the Blessing Slot, that hero will have the same level as the hero with the lowest level of the 5 heroes without consuming any resources. Heroes activated in the Blessing Slot will not be able to level up or ascend materials until they are removed from the slot. To open another Blessing Slot, the user must spend HE. Users who remove it from an active slot will have to wait 24 hours or spend 2000 gold to use it again.

Patchnotes 0.4.0

Patchnotes 0.4.0

The latest Heroes and Empires Version 0.4.0 current update is almost here. 

  • It will add a slew of new features, balance changes, and enhancements to the game in order to provide you with the best experience possible!

  • We listened, and because we always want to be open and honest, we looked at what worked and what didn't so that we could make this game even better. And in this version, here's everything you need to know.

How to Play Game

  • For more information on Heroes & Empires' features and gameplay, please visit:

  • In the near future, we will update more functions and game modes in Heroes & Empires to help diversify the game and improve the user experience. Stay tuned!

About Heroes & Empires

Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinct elements of Idle RPG with the tactics of auto chess, all while being connected to blockchain technology. Players will earn a consistent income through Defi integrations while having fun with many gaming features by utilizing the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) feature to create characters and items and Play-2-Earn elements.

The economy of Heroes & Empires differs from the economy of other GameFi games (a 2-tokens model). Heroes & Empires, on the other hand, focuses on NFT assets such as Hero NFTs, Gear NFTs, and Land NFTs. Heroes & Empires's economy is designed to be a closed-loop, with the HE token serving as the main gear. Players will earn NFT assets by using HE.