What role do HE Tokens play in Heroes & Empires' Economy?

Update November 20th, 2021

Many players will be wondering, ahead of the upcoming Mainnet event: 

  • Why is the Marketplace fee up to 5%?

  • What effect will Marketplace and HE fees have in the game?

📌 The Heroes & Empires team's vision is to create a new generation of NFT games (with a focus on NFT assets), while maintaining transparency and decentralization. We'll go over how the HE Token is used in the Heroes & Empires economy right now.

— So, take your time reading and join the Heroes & Empires adventure —

Overview of the Heroes & Empires Economy

Heroes & Empires is a new generation of the NFT (Play – Pay to Earn) game genre, in which the rewards for participating players are HE Tokens, and especially NFT assets (such as Heroes, Gears and Lands).

Heroes & Empires' vision is for players to understand the value of NFT by participating in activities that earn HE Tokens and using HE Tokens as an energy source to create valuable NFT assets.

The name "Heroes & Empires" means that if you own Heroes, Empires will appear (through guilds).

🔹 Heroes & Empires can be thought of as a country teeming with:

  • HE Token: Regarded as the economy's fuel, HE Token is constantly circulated and used in the ecosystem, thereby creating the fundamental value of NFT assets.

  • Hero NFTs: There are currently 73 Heroes (8 Races & 7 Classes), each squad requires 5 Heroes, and there will be numerous ways to build a squad depending on the player's strategy (more Heroes will be created by the team in order to diversify the lineup).

  • Gear NFTs: The equipment is also NFTized in order to boost the Hero's power stats, allowing the Player to compete or overcome.

  • Land NFTs: In the game, these are plots of land owned by guilds. Assist the guild in increasing the stats of the items obtained while playing.

👉 The Heroes Empires team owns 15% of the HE tokens, which are locked for a year and vest for a year (starting from November 2022).

So, how will the Token HE function?

The majority of revenue generated by games such as Marketplace and gaming will be directed to the Pool Treasury, where it will be distributed as rewards to the Game ecosystem.

🔹 Activities such as "Open" Chests, "Mint" new NFTs, and "Claim" HE Ingame all cost BNB, which is paid for by the publisher (Team).

🔹 During the game, players will use HE Tokens to upgrade their heroes' abilities such as Limit Break, Summon, and so on, which will be transferred to the HE Pool. In addition, the HE Pool is also where 5% of the transaction fees on Marketplace are kept.

🔹 After deducting the operating costs in the game from the amount of HE in the HE Pool, 10% will be sent to the publisher to support the development of the Heroes & Empires generation. 90% will be returned to the Pool Treasury to provide Ingame and DeFi rewards.

📌 We will provide the wallet information listed below:

  • MarketPlace Revenue: 0x592D08eb6445366F6673F39D35fB833c4963208c

  • In-game Revenue: 0x06eD3d7ef90551333b7185412337c9DF6F17C795

  • In-game Reward: 0xAe197c8C8cdebbA25dB099ed41906A668B1835aA

If DeFi generates revenue, we will include the total revenue in the HE Pool in the near future.

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About Heroes & Empires

Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinct elements of Idle RPG with the tactics of auto chess, all while being connected to blockchain technology. Players will earn a consistent income through Defi integrations while having fun with many gaming features by utilizing the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) feature to create characters and items and Play-2-Earn elements.

The economy of Heroes & Empires is different from the other economy of the current NFT GameFi (there are 2 tokens), whereas H&E focuses on NFT assets, including Hero NFTs, Gear NFTs, and Land NFTs. Heroes & Empires’s Economy is designed to be a closed-loop, with HE token as the main gear in this economy. Players will use HE to earn NFT Assets.