Heroes & Empires is the next-gen NFT gaming project that combines the modern idle RPG and auto-battler gameplay.

The players will control a team of 5 different heroes to fight on different campaigns and PvP Arenas to earn valuable rewards. The unique points that make Heroes & Empires stand out from other NFT games are high-quality graphics, deep gameplay, and burnable NFT support, which user can combine their NFT to upgrade them.

We have 30 members in our team combining the experts of game development and blockchain. Currently, we have secured the strategy round with $1.5M and will launch the Open Beta version in October.

We aim to bring to our players both an excellent gaming experience and a chance to earn a good income. Our goal is to build this project as a stable and long-term commitment for the community.

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Heroes & Empires is the next-gen RPG NFT game. Discord: https://discord.gg/HeroesEmpires Telegram: https://t.me/HeroesEmpires
Co-founder & COO @ DOS Labs. We build a better Web3 experience.